STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Accessorize, Men-cessorize

You know, it is kind of funny that these days my little brother or my best guy friend will come into my room to borrow a watch, some earrings or even a bracelet. I swear that five years ago this never happened. So much for worry about girlfriends and sisters stealing your stuff. Now, most of your headaches have to do with the Fashionistos in your life, or at least I do. Accessories have taken a high incline when it comes to men, and it is one of those things I do not see going away anytime soon. Think about it; once you start being any accessory person, do you ever really stop? I remember back sometime I hated having to wear earrings (my mom was pretty strict about this; my sister and I could never leave the house without earrings on, but I think this may have been a more cultural thing) and I hated finding necklaces that complemented my outfit. Now, you will never catch me without a pair of studs in my ears!

This Fashionisto is pretty decked out in accessories. I am talking he probably made his way to the accessory division of Aldo and went ham, and I love it! Starting off, he is wearing a black fedora, which is a great piece to own for any Fashionista/o. Hats give your outfits a more edgier feel. He is also wearing a simple gold linked chain around his neck. For arm candy, he has some cultural beaded bracelets on one arm and a gold watch on the other. Shoes count as accessories as well, so on his feet he has on a pair of brown, suede Chelsea boots. These are another must-have for all you Fashionistas/os. I have a few pairs of Chelsea boots in the closet myself.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I am all about enhancing my look, that is why I always have a lot of accessories on. But just because I am into it doesn’t mean I overdo it. I like to say, make sure all of your accessory pieces look good with each other so you don’t walk around looking like a bad case of accessory overload!”