STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

A few years ago statement necklaces made their debut in fashion and Fashionistas/os just could not get enough of them. In recent years, however, the tides have turned and other accessories have moved to the front row of closets everywhere. Lately sunglasses, hats and dainty silver-toned jewelry are sold for hundreds of dollars a piece.

I could not miss this Fashionista even if I had wanted to. Her outfit in was inspired by “Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ jean outfit,” she stated. While Timberlake and Spears might have shocked onlookers with their complete chambray ensemble, surely the reaction they hoped for, this Fashionista worked the iconic ensemble into daily wear. The white, jean material crop top breaks up the vest and acid wash jeans from meshing together and getting lost in each other. The open denim vest provides just enough skin and room for the crop top, which prevents the shared jean material from being overpowering. Add in some neutral beige heeled booties and you’ve got a canvas to work off of with just enough style to hold its own.

What really made the outfit catch my eye, were the accessories—all 12 of them. The all over chambray outfit worked as a perfect base for all the accessories, since there was a shared texture and color throughout. Combined with the statement accessories, she brought this ’90s look back into this century. Let us start from the top.

The black felt hat is simply a must in the New York City summer heat. It added a dark and muted element to all the blue and white from the denim material. The black frames on her sunglasses meld into the black hat and makes the mirrored lenses stand out even more, which draws you to her face. Moving down she’s sporting dainty silver necklaces with brown accents to match her fanny pack. Dainty silver jewelry is all the rage right now and so are the prices. This Fashionista, however, was a metal smith major at Kent State University and all the jewelry she was wearing was hand made by none other than herself. Talk about smart and trendy.

The brown fanny pack, as mentioned before, breaks up the monochromatic blue theme and draws out the slight brown in the necklaces. All of the gorgeous silver rings on her hands she made herself as well. They could easily pass for rustic pieces in Sundance magazine. Some of the rings have elements of blue and a muted gold, which draw on other colors and textures from the whole outfit.

The entire outfit works together as an eclectic mod-podge of different textures, colors and trends. But the ultimately simple base works with the abundant accessories and makes the ensemble seem effortless.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? Everything relates back to her motto, “don’t think too into it.” She says “sometimes she feels super girly or edgy” but regardless, comfort is key and when it comes down to it, just let your style flow.