Tie-dyed clothing has always been a favorite of mine. There is something so chic about the beautifully mixed vibrant colors. They seem to put me in a good mood no matter where or when I see them. Honestly, they can brighten even the gloomiest of days. My love of tie-dye has lead me on a summer long search for the perfect tie-dyed outfit to write about. Imagine how amazed I was when I walked out of my apartment and spotted this gorgeous Fashionista sporting a tie-dyed dress. It was as if the Fashionista’s in the sky were smiling upon me.

This tie-dyed dress is the epitome of summer with its bright and vibrant colors, light texture and flowing silhouette. Paired with this dress are tan knee-high Gladiator sandals. What makes this outfit so trendy is the combination of the tie-dyed dress and the Gladiator sandals. I mean really, this Fashionista embodies a ‘70s hippie goddess.

The great thing about tie-dyed clothing is that you can wear it almost anywhere and with anything, depending on the colors of course. Most of the time we think of tie-dyed clothing as music festival or beach wear when in reality it is quite versatile and trendy. With the right color scheme a tie-dyed article of clothing can be worn anywhere. A black and white tie-dyed skirt can spice up an all black outfit while a multicolored tie-dyed scarf can dress up a bland suit. The moral of the story is tie-dyed clothing is and always will be in style. So break out the rubber bands and start watching tie-dying tutorials on YouTube because tie-dyed clothing is here to stay!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It is so easy to incorporate tie-dyed clothing into my everyday wardrobe. My suggestion is to start small and work your way up. Try adding a tie-dyed purse, scarf, belt or even shoes to a monochromatic outfit. The color and pattern of the tie-dyed accessory will take your outfit to the next level of RAD.”