Dresses, for me, are way to make it appear that you have put time and thought into your outfit when in actuality, you just couldn’t find two separates that match that morning. You can just throw one on in the morning with little to no hassle and be on your way. One difficulty when it comes to dresses is comfort. You want something that you can wear all day, but any Fashionista would agree that she does not want to compromise on style. T-shirt dresses are an up-and-coming trend that are stylish, breezy and oh so comfortable, and I completely endorse them.

T-shirt dresses are a brilliant idea that should have become popular a long time ago. When they began popping up in stores I found myself thinking, “The comfort of a shirt and the clean-cut structure of a dress? Together? Sign me up!” One can pair these dresses with sneakers to wear to a concert or stacked heels to rock at dinner. Their unbelievable versatility makes them a trend that will not disappear for a long time.

This Fashionista incorporated this trend to create an ensemble that was both edgy and chic. She wore white rock-inspired wedges to dress up the look, making it appropriate for nighttime festivities. Wearing two simple long jewel necklaces, she was able to add focus and dimension to the outfit. Finally, her overlapping bracelets spiced up her outfit by using eye-catching and conversation starting accessories. I adore this trend because every Fashionista is able to take something as basic as a T-shirt and elevate it to match their personal style. Preppy? Grunge? Boho? It works for everyone!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When I saw this dress, the first thing that came to my mind was potential. These dresses are like blank canvas: ready to customize. I’m a strong believer in wearing heels to any occasion so it was no question that I was to wear my wedges with this dress. I wanted to keep my necklace jewelry simple and elongated, while allowing my bracelets to go wild. If you’re thinking about trying this trend, I say go for it! You can’t go wrong!”