What I really love about someone is finding out how they decide what to wear—for example, finding out how their style works or how they like to pair things together. I like finding out the little details that go through their mind when piecing together an outfit. I love patterns and when I wear them I love the bold contrasting patterns that make up my outfits. I always love a pattern and never put much thought into having a small pop of pattern to stand out even though it is partly concealed. It gave me a new perspective to how patterns work. Sometimes the small accent of a pattern is just as bold as two contrasting patterns!

This Fashionista has mastered this form of style! Her urban style really caught my eye and, believe it or not, so did her minimal usage of her floral patterned skirt! It really stood out to me how she incorporated a small accent that could really tie together an entire outfit. Her shirt is actually a T-shirt dress that she decided to wear like a T-shirt! I loved how she turned it into a trendy top that really adds a flowy feel to her outfit. Also, the little detail of tying up the T-shirt dress to show off her floral skirt really added to the small detailing that made a huge impact on her outfit! Her style is to layer, which helps add to the detailing of an outfit.

She finished up her outfit by adding a simple acid-washed button up shirt and a comfortable pair of black boots. The simplicity yet strong detailing of her outfit blew me away. Everything seemed to flow perfectly with everything and this Fashionista has introduced me to a new way of style! Keeping it simple does not mean making it less. Sometimes less is more and the details speak for themselves!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love to layer! I like to wear something that has a lot of details to it. I don’t like the pattern to be too much for the outfit. I loved the small floral accent with the T-shirt dress. I love gold accents with any outfit!”