Winter has arrived and Mother Nature has not been too friendly with easing us into the season. With winter comes layers; often times, bland and not so stylish outfits follow. Our winter wear may be monochromatic, but adding a pop of color can do wonders to our winter wonderland style. These dropping winter temperatures definitely call for colorful accessories. I’ve set out and found the perfect Fashionista whom embodies this pop of color trend.

This Fashionista went for an all-black ensemble. She layered for the weather with a cozy fur wrap; of course, any type of wrap will achieve the look your own personal style calls for. Not only did this Fashionista use the wrap as a centerpiece (and to keep warm), but she also used a long beaded statement necklace to add personal flare to the look. By keeping it simple with black tights and combat boots, this Fashionista knew her look called for a statement piece. Paring this look with a cobalt blue tote bag adds the perfect accent to brighten up this cold winter day.

Accessories, such as a bag, are the perfect way to incorporate color into a monochromatic look. During the winter, it can grow continuously harder to feature bold colors in a Fashionista/o’s outfit; by using colorful accessories, this trend becomes effortless and easy to keep up with! The pop of color trend is so popular for many reasons. One reason is that a colorful piece can be used through myriad ensembles, be it colorless or colorful! A colorful bag in a wardrobe can truly do wonders for any Fashionista/o by shedding light or color onto outfits that he or she may have passed over as too dull. When keeping the weather in mind, a scarf is another great accessory to use to add color into a look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t sacrifice your style when keeping warm! The cold brings out all types of layers and clothing that are mostly black. That’s why today, I chose to accent with a pop of color with my bag!”