Let’s face it, navigating through the menswear section can be quite the challenge! With not nearly as many options as in the women’s section, it is hard to find pieces that stand out. From my own personal experience of clothes shopping for my brother, I have found that accessories are key in creating individualized men’s looks. This Fashionisto seems to feel the same way, he took a basic army green colored button down and khaki pants and utilized various different accessories to transform it something a little more unique.

From first glance, the accessory that stands out the most is the coral bow tie bow tie—and yes, the Fashionisto did tie it himself. The bowtie dresses up the look and the striking color makes the outfit stand out even more. The Fashionisto is also sporting a pair of Clubmaster style black sunglasses that work with the outfit, whether they are worn on his face or hanging from his shirt pocket. My favorite part of this whole look is the socks with the killer whales on them! The Fashionisto took a risk and it definitely paid off. The ocean blue colored socks really stand out against the netural colors of the pants and the Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes. To give the look a mature edge to it, the Fashionisto finished the outfit off with a nice watch.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to have fun with my look! I think every outfit should be unique and reflect your personality.”