STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Hundred and One Rompers

As the summer season kicks off to a great start, many new trendy outfits arrive! Since the season has started off with warm days early on, this particular outfit is perfect for the weather. Rompers are very comfortable, breezy, loose and stylish for any summer day. One can either dress up their rompers to make them look classier, or simply wear them for a casual event.

This navy blue floral romper is a beautiful design for the season. Floral designs scream summer! It has a lace-up V-neck top and different colored flowers scattered on the bottom. She is also wearing a white cardigan that counteracts the colors of the romper perfectly. The petite, simple Bean necklace from Tiffany & Co. and her white and navy Tommy Hilfiger sandals complement the romper and cardigan as well. The entire look put together portrays a very casual daytime wear. The accessories aren’t overbearing or too dressy; they are just right to represent the casual theme. The sandals also balance out the navy color in the dress as well as the white cardigan.

As different trends continue to roll around, rompers increasingly grow to be a timeless and popular piece of clothing. Each summer I continue to see more college students wearing rompers as well as an increase in stores selling them. Many accessories can be used to shape this trendy look including different types of shoes. Wedges, sandals, flip flops and more open-toed shoes are some styles that pair wonderfully with rompers.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Rompers and summer dresses are thriving as this season begins. They are trendy and colorful to cause everyone’s tan to be more vibrant and noticeable!”