We are now in the midst of summer. In Southern California, where I’m from, that means temperatures that can reach up the into the 90s. This Fashionisto looked like he was prepared for the 90s in more ways than one. Summer style is all about simplicity, which is what this Fashionisto went for. I really liked the simplicity of this outfit and how hip it was. It shows that you can still make a great outfit with just a few pieces. This outfit was mainly just the overalls, which this Fashionisto decided to roll up. I think that was a great decision, as it added dimension and worked better for his proportions. The rips in the legs and the button detailing really took these overalls from ordinary to extraordinary. He also showed that he could wear these more than one way, with either of the straps down. Usually I’m not a huge fan of this look, but this Fashionisto rocked it!

A great thing that this Fashionisto did was layer a plain muscle T-shirt underneath as opposed to a regular tank top. The muscle T-shirt worked a lot better because of the proportions. You could still see a lot of the shirt underneath, unlike with a regular tank top. I feel like a regular tank top underneath would give off the “not wearing a shirt underneath” vibe, and, for me, that’s not a cute look. This look, however, is great.

The shoes that this Fashionisto decided to wear were a basic pair of Birkenstocks. I think this was a great choice and gave me all of the Dexy’s Midnight Runner realness. Birkenstocks are a great choice for summer because they are super comfortable and great for someone who’s style is more thrift shop and less mall. It’s sometimes quite difficult to stick to alternative styles in the summer, but Birkenstocks really make it a lot easier.

This Fashionisto finished his look off with a simple baseball cap. I felt like this outfit was great and didn’t need any more accessories. The baseball cap added just enough flair. Giving ’90s realness, this Fashionisto was ready for a Party of Five or just staying Home Alone, but his style was never Clueless.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like shopping from both the men’s and women’s departments because it allows me to have a lot more variety and options with my style.”