I have always loved floral patterns such as on stationery, or accessories and even clothes. It is a timeless pattern that we have seen over and over as a runway trend or displayed on old and current Hollywood stars. Most of the time when I picture floral prints I think of red or pink roses that give a romantic feel. This gal’s pants gave the floral trend a whole new vibe.

This Fashionista’s pants, from Brandy Melville, have an edgier theme to them. Being that they are black and white, they are giving the trend a neutral look rather than adding a pop of color to an outfit. May I also mention that they feel like you are wearing pajamas all day? Her ribbed white crop top, also from Brandy Melville, adds a casual yet put together and stylish look. Keeping with the neutral tone she finished her outfit off with gray booties from ALDO. Altogether this is the perfect casual day look because it requires little to no effort at all to come up with. Since the printed pants are the main attraction, keep the top simple like with a crop top as this Fashionista did. Plus the tight fit of the her top balances out with the loose bottoms.

An outfit like this reminds me of a downtown/city girl because they know how to make such a simple outfit look so exquisite.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For lazy days, to still be comfy and cute, you can always dress up a T-shirt and jeans with a simple necklace, headband and simple bangles. Do as you like depending on the location but less is always more.”