When it comes to fabrics, denim totally stole the show this summer (sorry ‘bout it, chiffon). The material has flooded the racks of stores in multiple forms: overalls, jeans, jackets, shorts, shirts and even dresses. There’s just something about denim that gives off that “All American” cool-girl vibe that’s oh-so perfect for summertime. But let’s be real—long denim jeans are too hot for these sauna-like summer temperatures. That’s why I’m obsessing over all the alternate forms of denim that I mentioned before; they offer a unique way to channel the classically rad vibe of jeans without sweating all of your makeup off by midday.

This week’s Fashionista caught my eye in her chic sleeveless denim button-down and black skater skirt combo. The various elements of her outfit all worked together to make one cohesive look with nothing out of place. Her black skirt matched her ankle booties and purse while her statement necklace accented the blue hues in her shirt and added additional pops of color. This gal was totally on her A-game regardless of the blazing summer heat that day.

Though long-sleeved denim shirts and jackets are a cute layer when worn unbuttoned over a dress, let’s be real—anything with sleeves should be illegal during the summer. This Fashionista played it cool (literally) by sticking to a sleeveless shirt because these New York City temperatures are about as hot as it gets.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’m a big fan of anything denim, and I’ve learned that it’ll never really let you down. If you’re in a rut and don’t know what to wear one day, just go for denim and you can’t go wrong.”