When it comes to a hot summer day, a white linen shirt is perfect for the heat. I think this Fashionista’s top has an even crisper look with its blend of different stripes. Variations of stripes are a great way to liven up your summer look without having to have too many pieces on you. On this Fashionista’s shirt, you’ll see some stripes are thicker than others and some are more exaggerated. Although this shirt was purchased in Japan, I found a shirt similar to this creative pattern. The outfit flows nicely into her shorts because of the color connection of white. Since she has a lot going on up “top” (pardon the pun), she accessorizes at the bottom. Keeping with the simple look, she wears sandals with intricate gold embellishments. They almost remind me of the Versace logo. If this look isn’t clean-cut enough, she tops it off with a deep red nail polish. I love the subtle inclination of red, white and blue.

Especially for the summer, I am getting a major sailor vibe from this look. I love how stripes can always come back for the summertime in a different way. This look is perfect for a day walking around campus or just hitting the beach. The bag is also perfect for the beach. The rough and tough leather adds some edge to the overall look. The simple stripe pattern on the back allows the bag to have its little shining moment.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear bright and bold colors!”