I am, in almost every way possible, a “girly” girl. I would wear a dress over pants everyday of the week, I love floral patterns and have never shied away from pink. However, I have two younger brothers, both hopelessly unfashionable but desperate to look cool. Enter moi, their cool older sister just dying to dress them up. I came to really appreciate men’s fashion, how button placement, jean fit and the perfect white T-shirt can be the difference between ‘my crush said yes’ or ‘never responded to my text’. Ah, to be young and in-crush. Now that I work for a retail company my coworkers (mostly) really have their personal style down and known how to rock trends while still dressing like themselves. This Fashionisto’s mix of ‘dueling’ colors is a perfect example of the intersection between fashion and style.

“Dueling colors” is a major trend for men’s summer 2015. This battle of the colors is more than simply wearing complementary colors (please restrain from combining red and green until the holiday season) it is wearing shades that are attractive beside each other yet starkly different. Suggested combinations include black and white, khaki and white or blue and brown as exhibited by this Fashionisto. Khaki is also making a major comeback and was predicted as a major trend alongside the dueling colors.

The warm and cool tones of this look drew me in immediately and the details are what made me love it. His khaki pants are slim fit but classic, and the button-up denim shirt is a nod to business casual with a trendy twist of being collarless. He pulls in the dueling color trend with his awesome corduroy burnt orange jacket that is perfect for an arctic summer in San Francisco. His details continue to be on point with tortoise shell frames and a black leather watch subtly made out of rose gold.

Recognize this color scheme and photo setting from last week? Just like the Fashionista from “What’s Less, Is More,” this Fashionisto is not a San Francisco native but loves the great food, style inspiration and swears that “Californians are so much cuter”. Amen brother.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always say stick with classic styles and colors. But, don’t be afraid to throw in a trendy piece or two”