STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Black and White Winter

It can be a roller coaster when it comes to winter. Yes it may be cold, but it can give you that boost to throw on some fashion forward outfits to brave the elements. This season people tend to call it depressing or dull due to the gray skies and cold air that holds back activities outside. Thankfully black and whites are worshiped in fashion and can be replicated toward our moods of a brisk winter day.

My Fashionista here is engulfed in multiple looks straightened out into one, and she’s pulling it off perfectly. Starting off, her vintage Ralph Lauren jacket with a modern day grid print is giving her an extra sharp appearance, yet is still laid back with her sleeves gently folded up. Underneath is a black turtleneck sweater that is barely peaking through adding minuscule proper details to the overall flow of the outfit. Continuing downward, this Fashionista blends it well with some basic black leggings, but most importantly the adidas running shoes give her a unique aesthetic making her able to blend well with any environment she is in. When this Fashionista turns around, she is sporing a smaller Nike backpack, keeping her look extra savvy and different.

The more diverse styles you can incorporate into one outfit while having the personality and look to pull them off is truly fun fashion being what it’s all about! Simplicity and modernization, even from the vintage past, is so beautiful in today’s looks on people. This Fashionista brings about such a pure aesthetic and puts off such a chill but powerful presence in her outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Mentality plays a major role in fashion.”