STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: 99 Problems But An Outfit Ain't One

The diversity of the community in Washington cities like Seattle allows for there to be so many opportunities for creativity to flourish and for a wide array of trends to come together. For example, the art and culture of hip hop is very much alive and kicking here in the Pacific Northwest and recently, it has played a vital role in influencing the street style of today’s youth.

This week, this Fashionisto showed me how hip hop can meet high fashion because of his sporty-chic apparel. The black, white and gold color scheme of his outfit reminded me of the recent Calvin Klein resort 2016 collection because it showcased the same luxe yet laid back look. The gold details on this outfit such as the Casio watch also make quite the statement piece because it’s both a calculator and a watch, making it both stylish and functional for when you lose track of time or forget how to do math during the summer!

This up and coming urban trend has really been making waves lately because of the cool and trendy vibe it gives off without trying too hard. I think this Fashionisto’s outfit really hit a good medium between style and comfort by sporting a mesh Stussy Jersey and comfortable Nike sweatpants and sneakers. These jersey-style shirts have been working its way through all the cool kids’ wardrobes since spring, and it’s not hard to see why. Its loose fabric makes it easy to move in, and it comes in many different styles and colors. Also, since summer isn’t always going to be blue skies and sunshine, it’s not a bad idea put on comfortable sweatpants every once in awhile.

That being said, black is also a color that can be worn in the summertime, especially on those days when the weather isn’t as bright and hot. Though it may be common sense not to wear the color black in the summer because it absorbs heat and sunlight, this outfit just shows that sometimes, it’s okay to break the rules and set trends instead of simply just following them.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to blend form with functionality; having my outfit be very stylish and very comfortable is pretty ideal.”