STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: ’90s Vibes Are The Best Vibes

I can go on forever on how much I love ’90s fashion trends and how glad I am that they are making such a huge comeback nowadays. Why do I love ’90s vibes so much you may ask? Well, that’s simple—they are really easy, casual and yet stylish.

First, I will probably never ever get tired of or stop wearing high-waisted jeans. Honestly, these are the best style of jeans anyone has ever invented. They are perfect for every body type. In addition, they make your legs look longer and define your curves.

Second, I think I will never loose my one and only love for bomber jackets. They can add a stylish finish (because layering is everything) to every look, either to a sporty or more elegant one. You can never go wrong with bomber jackets. Indeed, they are a great alternative to sweaters. Wear them over a simple T-shirt to keep your outfit classy and neat.

Third, white sneakers are a must in your closet. They go with everything—jeans, skirts, dresses—you name it. Plus (a really big plus), they are super comfy. Some people, like me, don’t have enough courage and nerve to struggle with uncomfortable flats or, even worst, heels. Especially, when the school starts and we are all in rush running from one class to another.

I love how this Fashionista’s outfit is a perfect example of ’90s fashion trends! She simply killed it by keeping everything simple—that is the number one rule.