As if the ’90s would ever go away. From sitcoms like Friends and Full House to jelly bracelets and ring pops, the ’90s were a time not to be forgotten. Now, thanks to the ’90s revival trend, we don’t have to!

Because of this trend’s widespread popularity we can all unleash our inner Spice Girl… or maybe not. I digress; although lovable, a Spice Girl may not be the best example. However, the ’90s did have some great fashion It people, my personal favorites being Kate Moss, Cher from Clueless, Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, Winona Ryder, Madonna and, of course, The Supers.

But what is it about these fashion icons that make them so irrefutably iconic? What makes their image stick isn’t just their clothes, but rather the attitude behind their sartorial choices. What is so beloved about these icons, in my opinion, is their general, “I don’t give a crap but I’m going to look damn good while not giving a crap” attitude. They possess a certain je ne sais quoi.

I spotted this Fashionista possessing this same je ne sais quoi. I just love how she confidently rocks the ’90s grunge trend. This Fashionista proves that the power of a good plaid flannel is not to be forgotten. Flannels can be worn almost any way to make a bold ’90s statement, but when tied around the waist they appear perfectly relaxed á la ’90s grunge. This Fashionista expertly paired her flannel shirt with a gray crop top (another ’90s fave), light wash skinny jeans, grungy espadrilles and edgy jewelry. From head to toe, she’s a total grungy ’90s babe yet her look is still cute and sweet. ’90s babies rejoice!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Have fun with comfortable clothes! ’90s fashion is a great inspiration for this. I love wearing simple pieces with oversized plaid flannels. It’s both comfy and cute.”