Oh the ’90s, where one was surrounded by inflatable furniture, Mary-Kate and Ashley ruled the world and I wore those one size fit all scrunch tops—more commonly known as popcorn tops. Oh, what a time to be alive! This was a decade full of trends that have made their way back to us in present day.

History tends to repeat itself and this holds true in the world of beauty and fashion. When thinking about this decade, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Tamagotchis may come to mind. But to a Style Guru, we think about the trends associated during this period that really cultivates what the ’90s are all about. Smaller, more minimalist, oval and round framed sunnies were a hot commodity during this decade amongst boy bands and grunge  Fashionista/o’s. They have surely made their way back to the future and can be seen more on bohemian and festival goers nowadays. It’s RAD how one simple piece of accessory can be styled different ways in a different decade, some things just never go out of style.

Take some tips from this Fashionista who likes to throw it back…like way back. She pairs her floral crop top with a simple black skater skirt and pearl embellished choker, fit for a ’90s queen. My favorite part of her whole outfit and the one that caught my eye in the first place are her platform jellies—though quirky and cute, they have proved that no trend is susceptible to extinction. This Fashionista is the epitome of a ’90s babe; I’m in love!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear whatever makes you feel happy; only you have to like it because you’re the one wearing it.”