When a busy day in the office is ahead, nothing motivates a true Fashionista more than a fabulous, fun and professional look.

This Fashionista’s fabulous look is truly highlighted by her red slacks, which provide an element of intrigue, color-block and sophistication that are sure to brighten any dull, yet idea-inspired cubicle. The red slacks are showcased to their truest potential, anchored by a black and white striped blouse and an elegant, rectangular cross-body bag that can transform this office look from office hours to happy hour.

The elegant elements of these classic Ralph Lauren pieces combine with her geometric accessories for the sleekest mix of classic and modern. The use of both shape and color are emphasized in this look, with triangular elements evident in this Fashionista’s flats as well as her statement necklace.

This combination of fun color and shape is sure to inspire the most monumental business plans, jam-packed with creativity and inspiration. When a Fashionista working nine to five wears something that inspires her, there’s no telling what she can accomplish!  My style advice is to wear things that inspire you, especially if it means utilizing fabulous colors, shapes and textures in a professional way.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Find your favorite statement and work it into your look in a way that makes it the centerpiece. I love bright pants and statement jewelry, they’re the best way to utilize accessories to make a look elegant, chic and personalized!” she says. May we all find inspiration in everything, and make 9 to 5 chic!