We can all joke about 50 Shades of Grey; it’s talked about all the time and the movie release is around the corner. But not only does the topic make for great comic relief, it also translates great into an outfit. Branching off from the classic black on black, the gray on gray ensemble portrays entirely the same chicness. Not only does this color lend itself to comfortable fabrics and winter wear, making it perfect for a campus setting, it can also be layered to create a great weekend look or going out outfit. Creating your own suit of armor, with all 51 shades of gray, is a great trend to pick up in the coming weeks.

This Fashionista is doing it well. She layers super comfortable pieces together without looking like she is ready for a day of Netflix. Instead they create a stylish and ready to “hit the town” look that is relaxed and easygoing. Leggings are fundamental to a college girls wardrobe, even though they aren’t technically pants, because they lend themselves perfectly to the college lifestyle. These are particularly cute because they aren’t your typical black. They are a charcoal grey color with a herringbone print. This gives her legwear a little touch of style that makes her stand out.

On top she’s wearing a simple piko top that are very popular right now. This style is flattering, comfortable and cute; no wonder you see them all over campus these days. Layered over this is an army jacket: a staple in any Fashionista’s wardrobe because it adds that extra layer of warmth simply and effortlessly.

I also love this Fashionista’s booties. They aren’t your typical daytime bootie and they really bring this look up a notch or two. Just pairing this outfit with higher heels makes it adaptable to many more occasions other than class. She looks like she could spend a weekend shopping, go on a day trip to Charleston or go to dinner and a movie looking chic.

Finishing off with a smack of lipstick, this Fashionista seals her look with a kiss. All in all I think this a great trend to hop on board with during these last few weeks of winter. It’s easy to create, and a great way to use some old pieces in a new way.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A touch of lipstick is all you need to make the day great!”