STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: 500 Days of Skirts

Wearing a skirt is a commitment. There are many things we have to worry about. First off, is it windy outside? Am I willing to chance a Marilyn Monroe? Is it too short? Can I get away with bike shorts underneath and not look like I’m seven all over again? Is that my panty line showing? If you’re not up for the responsibility, don’t you dare leave the house if you feel even the slightest bit doubtful. There’s nothing worse than having an aesthetically pleasing outfit with a matching happy disposition, only to watch your good mood wilt away because you’re continuously pulling down that skirt or clutching its sides.

Personally, I’m a big fan of pencil skirts that can range from knee length, midi or end at the ankles (with an optional slit, dependent on how daring you feel for the day). You can have fun with different colors, prints and dress it up or down with a pair of shoes; but even I can’t deny that there’s something magical about wearing a flared skirt. My mind goes back to the women of decades past whose poised femininity was as striking as their voluminous skirts that wisped along with their delicate frames. In an ideal world, enacted through a bubbly cartoon, we could sport the most elaborate or understated skirts and not have to experience a gust of wind that will have our hands rushing forth for safety. Yet, just like your pair of favorite jeans or pants, skirts can be a fashionable favorite that are comfortable if executed efficiently.

Our Fashionista for the week awed me with her clever and simplistic creation. The word ‘skorts’ makes me internally shudder because I can’t help but think back to my elementary school days and the brief moment we were required to wear uniforms. Thanks to innovation and fashion forward minds, skorts can be subtle and way more appealing to the eye. This Fashionista’s skirt was in the form of jersey shorts that were masked by a beautiful gauze of sheer fabric that trickled down to above the knees. The wind was a collective force around us, but her skirt swayed nonchalantly as the layers of fabric kept it from swaying upwards. Her thin knit cardigan hit below the waist, which can help prevent the skirt from too much movement, and the added nautical striped shirt were extra layers that helped keep the focus on her bare legs. She kept the rest of her look simple with a shoulder bag and white thick soled slip-on sneakers. The result of this Fashionista’s outfit portrays a subtle sensuality that’s still covered up and not daunting to skirt skeptics, but more importantly, it looks too comfortable to pass up.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When you’re wearing a new piece or trend that you’ve been wanting to try out, but you don’t know if you’re comfortable with wearing yet, pair it with other clothing items that are your go-to favorites.”