STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: 50 Shades of All-Black Everything

With the bipolar late winter weather and the wave of midterms upon us, many college students simply choose to never leave their dorms. The brave few who do go out tend to embody the gloominess of this period through their choice of clothing, and they can be divided into two categories: 1. The “I’ve-given-ups” who question the point of wearing anything other than saggy sweatpants and your washed out college sweatshirt. It’s not like your outfit will save you from that midterm you’re about to bomb. 2. The “My-outfit-is-a-reflection-of my-inner-mental-states” are people defying the snow by rocking the all-black outfit.

The all-black outfit is an immortal concept that resurfaces every season in one form or another. We can thank the Parisian fashion gods for once again creatively reinventing this stunning style and giving it to us mortals this spring. We witnessed the fierce models of Whyred’s spring 2016 strut down the catwalk in black and sassy faux fur jackets, and in Jean Paul Gaultier’s show, we saw how to accentuate this look with different nuances and tones, as well as, subtle coloring details.

The all-black outfit has always been a rebellious statement rejecting the “pretty in pink” norms of femininity in the industry and this season is no exception. The designers are playing around with garments of different fits and lengths, by combining slim with voluminous. They are showcasing bold, new styles for determined women who are in charge.

This Fashionista perfectly captured the essence of this springs all-black variation. Wearing her lavish and Maleficent-inspired, Balmain x H&M faux fur coat in green and black iridescence, she successfully and subtly weaves in other nuances that help break the uniformity of the outfit. Similarly, the contrast between her high-waisted skinny jeans and bulky Dr. Martens captures the clash between traditional feminine looks communicating modernity and defiance perfectly. Lastly, another small but very important piece to this Fashionista’s outfit comes in the form of careful and flawless accessorizing–the oversized golden earrings defy everything the outfit stands for, yet without them, all would be lost in darkness… just like our GPAs.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The way I see it, the all-black outfit is about combining different textures: waxed jeans, smooth leather boots and finally, the furry jacket!”