STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK:Let's Get a Little “Sporty”

Are you a big fan of sports? Have you dreamed of wearing the uniform that your favorite sports star had worn? I think many girls will answer, “Yes,” to these two questions. Due to the influence of sports stardom, wearing a jersey has become a popular trend among girls. Even some girls who show no interest in sports still want to try on jerseys. However, they still have some concerns. One of my friends told me that jerseys would hide her feminine side. Is there any way to make a jersey look feminine? The Fashionista that walked toward me, really inspired me. I will use her outfit as an example of the feminine ways you can wear jersey.

Her jersey was not the same as a regular one. Hers could be called a jersey dress. It was made of lace rather than nylon. Lace, in my opinion, has always been the most feminine material since the old times. When lace jumped to the surface of the jersey, it was like when a woman meets a man; it has both the feminine side and masculine side. The delicacy of lace had been neutralized by the casualness of the jersey, which allowed this dress to be suitable for the mundane street in the summer. Here is a similar lace jersey dress.

Her shoes were amazingly adorable and suitable too. She wore a pair of white lace sneakers. It is like the shoes and the dress are meant to be with each other. She finished her outfit with a vintage brown leather backpack, which adds some color to her whole outfit. The unisex style of her backpack also goes with her lace jersey.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I was obsessed with the dress because it was the most feminine jersey I had ever seen. I bought the shoes just for the dress because they seem to come from the same collection, which was totally cool!”