Say goodbye to lacing up your sneakers—the slip on sneaker is easier to put on and currently a hot trend. These cute shoes are perfect for any girl or guy with the huge amount of different styles they come in to fit anyones personality and unique wardrobe. If you need a shoe to go get some dinner in the dining hall but do not want to put on slippers, this shoe is a perfect balance between comfy and chic.

When running out the door, many of us do not have the time to lace up a pair of shoes. With a slip on sneaker it is easy to simply push them onto your feet and be out the door. The shoes come in cool colors, patterns and textures. Brands from Vince to Givenchy are adapting the slip on sneaker into their lines of footwear.

This Fashionista wore a pair of camo, calf hair slip-ons to enhance her simple look. The shoes add something cool and different to her outfit, which consists of a simple winter coat, jeans and zip-up sweatshirt. The print on the shoe adds not only a pop of color, but also a cool pattern to her cozy, cute outfit.

You may be wondering: what stores are carrying slip-on sneakers? You can find them in Steve Madden, Neiman Marcus, Barneys and many other awesome stores! They are cute and can be found for an affordable price.

 What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always wear one piece to make even a casual outfit stand out.”