STYLE ADVICE: Not Just the Gym

March 3rd, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE: Not Just the Gym

Who said athletic shoes are just for the gym? This Fashionista’s outfit is a perfect example of pairing some comfortable, athletic shoes to create a cute and fashionable outfit! Being a college student, we all know that walking around campus can be very tiring. Having shoes that are not comfortable can make your feet feel like they have been walking for hours when in actuality it’s only been a few minutes.

The outfit this Fashionista has put together is simple, trendy, and works very well for a typical everyday, campus look. The main focus of her outfit are her bright white, Nike sneaker. They stand out amongst the darker clothing articles of this Fashionista. Since the shoes are also a solid color, they adds a clean and chic element to this outfit.

Her choker styled top is very on trend at the moment. Wherever you go, turning left and right, choker style tops are everywhere. You’re sure to find some at essentially all retailers. This top is also very simple. The maroon color adds a pop of color to her look.

As for her pants, she is wearing black jeans which serve as a perfect base to pair with her top. For accessories, she has on a black and white baseball cap that takes the color from both her her pants and shoes. The baseball cap instantly gives this outfit a casual feel. Lastly, on her wrist is a beautiful rose gold watch which adds a feminine touch to her look.