STYLE ADVICE: Neat and Cozy

STYLE ADVICE: Neat and Cozy

Now that winter has been going on for an eternity, I don’t judge if you have established a cold weather “uniform” of sorts, likely consisting of a black down parka, standard weatherproof boots, and as many layers as you can reasonably fit underneath. If you don’t go to school somewhere as cold and windy as Ithaca, perhaps you are a bit more creative but if you do, this is your reminder that there are alternatives!

As this Fashionista demonstrates, simply swapping out your clunky looking outerwear for a classic camel wool coat will still keep you warm but streamline your overall look.

To elevate her look further, this Fashionista focuses on coordinating disparate parts of her look, to give it a very cohesive, put-together feel. Here, she sticks to an elegant neutral color palette (though this is also a great opportunity to go monochrome in a non-black hue!) of gray, black, and tan.

By intermixing the same colors in different textures throughout her outfit, she unites her look without it being bland or boring. Her leather accessories are both functional and stylish, with tall boots keeping her warm and tote that is the perfect sized carry-all for a full day of classes, producing a polished finish.

Finally, her wool hat and gloves are essential, not only for balancing her gray turtleneck but also for warmth with the pompom atop her hat adding an element of playfulness. Likewise, her scarf adds a layer of coziness, finishing off her look.

By simply incorporating different layers and materials, you can inventively keep warm without forgoing style in favor of bulky down. You can also adjust the coziness or finesse of such a look by opting to tie your scarf or belt your coat to your liking, making it significantly more versatile than any “uniform”.