The denim skirt, a style that most Fashionistas grew up wearing, is back and better than ever. There have been lots of girls bringing back the “denim mini,” which is great if you want to show off your legs. However, girls like this Fashionista take a more modest approach, styling an outfit with a longer denim skirt. A longer denim skirt is a great piece for someone who wants to look a little more professional or does not want to be so revealing. I, personally, am self-conscious about my legs, so a longer skirt would allow me to rock this style without feeling uncomfortable about myself.

Though the skirt is longer, a Fashionista can always show off her edge with some funky shoes. These chunky sandals really liven this look up a lot. Her outfit is very simple, but the shoes give it that extra sass to really spice things up. This Fashionista did a great job of sticking true to her feminine side, but also adding a key piece to stand out.

To finish off her look, the Fashionista wore some bright red lipstick. I love her vibrant lip color to contrast her other neutral colors of the outfit. All in all, this whole outfit shows of the type of person this Fashionista is, and I find it really important to show off who you really are in what you wear. Next time you get dressed in the morning, think a little bit and ask yourself, does this outfit really reflect who I am or am I just keeping up with a trend? Be bold and stand out Fashionistas.