Spring is right around the corner! That means it is time to bring out all of the bright colors and prints our wardrobe has to offer. The constantly fluctuating weather makes us want to dress for spring, when in all reality, it could snow next week. Dressing in layers is key for this weather because it could be 30 degrees when you leave for class in the morning and 55 degrees when you get out of class. As March comes to an end, hopefully we get to leave our winter wardrobes behind. Spring clothing is so much happier and exciting than winter clothing and I for one, am ready for a change. I hope you are too!

This Fashionista is ready for the change as well! She is layered up to keep warm while still rocking the spring look. She paired black, cropped jeans from Old Navy with a pink velvet cami. This cami is an awesome combination of two trends; velvet and the satin pajama cami top that seems to be everywhere. P.S. this trendy cami was only $3 from Walmart. She paired a long maroon cardigan, also from Old Navy, to tie this look together.

This Fashionista LOVES accessories. Chunky heels are a go-to for spring, just like this pair of suede lace-up heels. Having 12 ear piercings really ups your ability to accessorize with some studded earrings. This Fashionista tied her look together with a skinny, studded belt.

This look really shows that you can rock multiple trends at once. From the sunglasses to the chunky heels, this Fashionista is trending from head-to-toe, and you can too with some (or all) of these wonderful outfit ideas.