STYLE ADVICE: Make Your Own Rules

March 14th, 2017 at 2:07am

If someone were to ask me for style advice, I could tell them something old school like “Don’t wear white after Labor Day,” but who really wants to hear that? When I need advice, I want someone to be real and honest with me. I want to hear something meaningful that I can keep in the back of my mind every day. The best style advice I have ever received and could possibly give is this: Express yourself. Don’t worry so much about the rules or what everyone else is wearing, just wear something you love. As cliché as that sounds, it is so true. Today, I ran into a Fashionista who does just that.

This Fashionista loves to travel and brings back one or two interesting clothing pieces or accessories from all her adventures. She wore a cool vest, a pin, and socks that all came from different places and have their own unique stories. She told me she usually likes to dress comfortably and casually then add some neat accessories to let her personality shine through.

I immediately fell in love with that denim vest. This Fashionista found this piece at a thrift store in London, but you can find a similar one here. I love this vest because it is very trendy, but still unique. It puts a cool sleeveless spin on a classic denim jacket and is great for layering over a long sleeve T-shirt with black jeans.

Alright, let’s talk about that eggplant pin. This Fashionista and I both agreed that it is our favorite piece of this outfit. It’s such a conversation starter and is so different. This Fashionista said she loves it so much because it’s a little bit weird. This pin came from a local store in NYC. Pins and patches seem to be everywhere right now, which I absolutely love. What’s an easier way to express yourself than by customizing a jacket or backpack with your favorite pins?

This Fashionista also rocked light pink Vans with some funky tan socks that belong to her mom. I really love pairing tall socks with sneakers because a cool pair of socks can add a ton of personality to your outfit. She also wears super cute round glasses that look adorable with her curly hair.

This Fashionista found some amazing pieces that are versatile but also make a statement and show her personality. Expressing yourself through your style is such a fun and easy thing to do. Next time I start to stress about if I should wear tights with open-toed shoes, I’ll remember this Fashionista and remind myself not to worry so much about the rules and wear things that show the world who I really am.