STYLE ADVICE: Keeping It Simple

STYLE ADVICE: Keeping It Simple

I caught this Fashionista on her way to class and I had to capture her style. I am obsessing over this casual, cute look. The denim jacket and sneakers are a perfect way to add trends to this outfit and also keep it casual for class. It is not always easy to look cute for class, especially when you could just throw on sweats and call it good.

I personally love making casual clothes look cute and dressed up on a day to day basis when I am just going to class, and this Fashionista did exactly that. Jeans with tennis shoes is one of my favorite trends right now—just tennis shoes in general. You can’t have too many tennis shoes these days, there are so many cute styles out there.

This Fashionista paired her black pants with a pair of Adidas Originals. Adidas Originals are such a statement piece right now and have made their way back in style. I love that she kept it simple and paired them with a black tank. On top of that she wore a denim jacket, which is another huge statement trend right now.

The accessories are another thing I noticed in this Fashionista’s outfit. Her Marc by Marc Jacobs black bag is the perfect tote for class. Who doesn’t love a big tote to put all their junk in? I also love her glasses. Whether you actually have a prescription or not, I think glasses are a fun way to change up your style from day to day. This Fashionista’s style advice is to keep it simple and casual while also looking cute and trendy for class. Find those statement pieces you love!