STYLE ADVICE: Growing From Simplicity

New York Fashion Week left the fashion world dizzy with excitement. Excitement about the ways in which style and fashion will evolve these coming seasons. These changes will be bold. They always are, remaining true to any changes that occur within the fashion industry. However, it is important to not wander far from the staple elements in fashion that allow the bold pieces to have center stage. In order for the bold statement to be appreciated, background pieces must support the loudness.

A close friend of mine at the University of Iowa treats the simplistic elements of an outfit with as much respect as she treats the bold statement pieces. This featured outfit shows off the vintage but put together vibes that carries through all of this Fashionista’s outfits. A quality pair of medium wash mom jeans acts as a clean canvas for the whole outfit. Starting with a fitted pair of jeans that you adore can set a tone for the whole outfit because the right wash denim can be layered and paired with just about anything. Her quality leather booties further add to the look. A few quality items in a look can change how the outfit looks and feels.

She brings the top together by tucking in a festival-style tunic with delicate embroidery into her jeans and adding a personal touch with a dark stone necklace. Finally, the whole look is brought together with a brown stocking cap and a muted red fisherman’s jacket. Although these pieces are often seen as separate from the outfit because they are meant to keep you warm, they can still be styled to play off of the other articles.

Overall, this simple look is filled with quality pieces that work to bring attention to subtle statement articles while still being cohesive. Invest in few quality staple items and this will allow a strong start to all of your outfits and embrace the beauty in simplicity.