STYLE ADVICE: Freely in Flannel

STYLE ADVICE: Freely in Flannel

With a few unique pieces and an abundance of earth tones, this Fashionisto layers up to craft an incredibly cool and classically laid-back look.

By pairing a lightweight, dark green hoodie with an unbuttoned flannel, this Fashionisto creatively combines two staple pieces to create a casually stylish look. Capable of dressing up or down, the flannel (which is gently unbuttoned to reveal a unique layer) appropriately showcases its versatility. Both pieces feature warm earth tones, blending shades of forest green and pairing many potential styles, creating his unclaimed look.

Dark, skinny khaki pants wrapped with a black leather belt tactfully tie the outfit together, providing different earth tones to easily blend with the greens above. Cuffed at the ankle, the pants reveal gray ankle socks and chic Nike shoes.

The shoes’ pure white finish and perforated design secure the unique nature of the outfit, providing a variation of a popular footwear choice. These shoes further develop the outfit’s skater-vibe, ensuring both comfort and coolness while helping him to deliver his laid-back persona and earthy style.

This Fashionisto effortlessly morphs trendy menswear into his own personal style, with some popular pieces combined to establish his layers of freshness and individuality.

Inspired by this Fashionisto’s effortless aura and layering creativity, I offer my best style advice this month—to always stay cool (but warm) by layering up unique pieces and utilizing each to persist your personal style in the most genuine way possible.

Stay RAD(ical), as always, and continue to creatively flourish and sport your sickest style on campus.