STYLE ADVICE: Effortless Chic

We all know how difficult it is to look trendy while staying comfy in college—late night study sessions, running on a few hours of sleep, not enough time to get ready; it’s all a drag! Most of us can relate to the “beginning of semester vs. finals week” memes on the internet. However, some girls still manage to squeeze in the attempt to look cute while on campus. Recently, while I myself roamed around my campus in sweats and a baseball cap, I noticed a super cute, super easy, comfortable look going around.

You might wake up in the morning feeling like you just want to roll out of bed, and throw on your comfiest pair of sweats for class. If you’re looking for comfort, joggers are your answer! They’re in, really cute, and everyone’s wearing them (at least on my campus). Joggers are so easy to dress up, and you can find them in almost every color! For a more done up look, you can find them in a denim color. They have an elastic waist band just like your sweats, and a cropped ankle for superior comfort. On my campus, the most popular colors I’ve seen are denim and army green, which are perfect neutral colors for this season.

Finding a top for your joggers is super easy! You can literally pair them with anything! Although because they are so loose fitting, I do recommend wearing a tighter fitting top. Body suits are making a comeback, and I’m loving it! I see them all around campus, paired with high-waisted jeans, and joggers, of course. You can grab a bomber jacket for the breeze. To top of your look, ACCESSORIZE! You can go from blah to glam in just seconds! Pair it with some cool jewelry, groovy shoes, throw on your sunglasses and own it!

There you have it Fashionistas! Stay comfy and cute this semester. Own your look! Follow me on my socials to stay updated on new looks you too can rock!