STYLE ADVICE: Earn Your Stripes

STYLE ADVICE: Earn Your Stripes

As fashion and beauty enthusiasts, trying out new fads is always super exciting. Glittered tears and embroidered heels on ankle boots? Sign us up!

However, there’s nothing better than when a classic style falls into the “trend “category. This helps us to stay current while relying on the basics. For spring, there’s one style staple that’s back in business: stripes. The trend has been making its comeback appearances across the blogs and throughout college campuses, and with good reason. Stripes allow for you to rock a pattern in a chic way, and one Fashionista perfectly showcased how to style the trend.

The direction and size of stripes can stylistically enhance your outfit while flattering your figure. For this petite Fashionista, she chose a striped T-shirt with horizontal stripes to add more shape to her frame, while keeping the stripes thin as a perfect complement. (Style note: if you are looking to lengthen or thin out your frame, rocking vertical stripes would be another way to follow the trend. I would recommend a pair of striped pants, which are fun without being too crazy!)

Red is a great color to make any striped piece look classically nautical. This Fashionista took the pairing in a new direction by wearing a red cardigan in a more muted rhubarb shade, resulting in a color combination cool enough for classes.

To finish off the look, this Fashionista paired cuffed jeans with a simple black belt and loafer flats. Keeping accessories in the same color as the stripes creates a clean and stylish outfit.

As a computer information systems major, this Fashionista used her smarts to create a neat and flawless ensemble perfect for any college class.

What’s the best way to study her style?

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