STYLE ADVICE: Day to Night

Finding outfits that work for both day and night are always tough to find. Nobody wants to appear too dressy for lunch or underdressed for an evening out. A balance between day and evening wear is never easy. This Fashionista perfectly nails a look that can be worn both day and night when there is no time to change your outfit throughout the day.

When creating a day-to-night look, always start with simple basics and enhance them with accessories. This Fashionista chose dark jeans to start her look. Dark jeans are perfect to wear day or night. The dark wash pairs perfectly with multiple different tops. Anything from T-shirts to blouses ultimately look much classier with dark wash jeans. They’re the perfect way to start styling your day-to-night outfit!

Next, focus on layering! Tank tops are the perfect top for day-to-night outfits. Adding a leather jacket over a simple tank adds an edge to any outfit. With hot days and chilly nights, adding a leather jacket is fashionable and practical! Especially for the transition of winter to spring, layering is perfect for the days where weather is unpredictable. Each wardrobe needs that one statement piece to vamp up any outfit. Leather jackets are perfect statement pieces to add over dresses, T-shirts, or simple tank tops just like this Fashionista!

Finally, the key is to accessorize with jewelry and a perfect pair of shoes! This Fashionista’s gold statement necklace is subtle yet still stands out over her olive tank top. The gold metal detail corresponds perfectly with the metal accents of the jacket. Completing her outfit with wedge booties allows for comfort throughout her day but perfect for a night out with friends!