STYLE ADVICE: Dare to Denim

STYLE ADVICE: Dare to Denim

Hey Fashionistas! If you’ve been on top of the latest fashion trends recently, you would have realized that the denim factor is back and better than ever. Denim is no longer just your go to for your favorite blue jeans, but also jackets, shirts, vests, and even hats! There was once a time when double denim was a fashion don’t, but now people all over are embracing it!

Lately, twice the denim is twice as good! Not convinced yet? Celebrities and fashion icons alike have been caught strutting this fad all over the streets. Model Gigi Hadid, sports superstar David Beckham, and fashion icon and model Kendall Jenner have been spotted sporting their favorite double denim looks just to name a few.

New to the trend? Try easing yourself into it; pair your favorite denim jacket with grey or black jeans to avoid the uneasy feeling of a new and daring denim combination. Once you’ve mastered the denim craze the options are endless!

This Fashionista nailed double denim with her sleek street style. She paired a dark wash, denim blue jean with a light denim, boyfriend-style button-up top. The subtle simplicity of a slim, cognac belt to separate the silhouette compliments her double denim look perfectly. She ties together this look with the addition of some fun accessories! To lighten up the harshness of being decked out in denim, she adds subtle neutrals to her style. Her cognac peep toe booties and tan tote tie the whole look together. Finally, she polishes off her outfit with aviator sunglasses, a tan studded wraparound watch, and metallic statement necklace.

The perfect addition to any new fashion trend is to pair it with confidence, get out there, and sport your denim look! Until next time, Fashionistas!