STYLE ADVICE: Cool Weather Company

STYLE ADVICE: Cool Weather Company

Don’t fear Fashionistos, T-shirt season is closer than it appears but not without one last bite of that frigid winter chill. I know what you’re thinking: how can I can I ditch the scarf and gloves without compromising warmth? Well, in this case, lightweight knits are your very best friend.

This Fashionisto prioritizes functionality and comfort far above the latest trend and he knows how to make it work to his advantage. Of course, gravitating towards more rugged and distressed pieces of clothing: baggy jeans, loose-fitted sweaters, and soft knits provides its own set of advantages. Think lumberjack chic, all pulled together with that summer ready smile.

Looking cozy and confident, this Fashionisto paired relaxed dark-wash denim with his favorite green sweater. It’s thick knit texture allows him to avoid the early spring jacket without the high risk of wind chill. He completed his look with a red knit beanie, helping to compliment the other deep jewel tones found throughout his ensemble. A simple pair of black monochromatic sneakers pulls everything together perfectly with a smile. This outfit is prepared to fill all your early spring needs: color, warmth, and above all, style.

Style advice: Spring is the perfect time to reach out of your comfort zone. Whether you’ve been dying to try that a new trend you spotted on the latest runways or just want to kick it in your favorite paper of joggers, nothing is off limits. With all the summer break excitement in the air, an easy color palette update may be all you need to bring the life and sense of new back to your wardrobe.

So, start the spring closet cleaning and maybe even treat yourself to a few new pieces, I know I will be.