STYLE ADVICE: Colors of Winter and Spring

Upon seeing this Fashionista’s outfit, I instantly wanted to cuddle into her big, colorful scarf. It just looked so warm. Right now, Napa is entering the spring where the sun is coming out from behind the rain-filled clouds, but the cold air is still piercing through our clothes and making us cold to the bone. Up until the last few years of college, I never fully grasped the concept of layering. Her outfit is a dream ensemble for this hot and cold weather.

Her interpretation of merging the spring and winter seasons gives her outfit colors that would shine in the gloomy and sunny days of the awkward transition of the seasons. It was refreshing to see her wear an olive green weather-resistant jacket, brown riding boots, a blue button-down and a colorful scarf that knit all the colors together.

Her long parka jacket was her shield against the cold air—a very nice shield, I might add. The olive green color is versatile and a step up from the boring black and white jackets. Spring is all about colors. Seeing the colors from her outfit subtly making its way to the front instantly made me think that she is a friendly person.

For these 40-degree weather conditions, her riding boots added an extra layer of length. If it was a little warmer I may have switched out the tall boots for some booties to add some fun. Overall, it was a pleasure to see color on our otherwise dark rainy campus.