STYLE ADVICE: Cape Conquistador

The beginning of a new year is a great time to try something out of your comfort zone. Many people make new year’s resolutions such as working out more, curbing a bad habit, traveling to a different country, or just spending time with those you care about. While I for one know how hard it is to get a jumpstart on hurdling over my “gym-phobia,” starting with baby steps on something you’re already passionate about is a great way to get your confidence up.

One thing I used to struggle with was taking the initiative to wear something that was out of the norm on my college campus; for example my bold green Hunter boots with fringe or even one of my favorite faux fur vests. We all have those pieces in our closets that we feel fine wearing in our hometown or around our families, but just something about pulling it out at college makes us hesitate.

My advice to you is to bring out those “benchwarmers” and start wearing them! This Fashionista does a great job of showing how you can pull off a cape in a subtle way that will be sure to get many compliments. These outerwear pieces aren’t commonly seen on college campuses but that’s what makes it so nice—you won’t be like everyone else. By pairing this cute cape with an all black ensemble was the perfect way to let it shine on its own without overdoing it.

Here, she is wearing a simple black long sleeve, black denim, and finishing it off with some killer over-the-knee suede boots. What I love so much about this is how she also put a little spin on her typical hairstyle by wearing it in a bun. This really shows off not only her natural makeup, but also the shape of the cape. This Fashionista definitely conquered the cape and you can too, along with any of those other pieces you might have been second-guessing.