STYLE ADVICE: Beat Monochromaticity and Midterms

STYLE ADVICE: Beat Monochromaticity and Midterms

“Look good, feel good.” The age-old adage is one that has been easily adopted on girls’ nights out, during very important interviews, or even on a vague dining hall date with that boy in your marketing group you’ve always had a crush on. However, throw in a week filled with midterms, project meetings, and deadlines, and this appearance-based philosophy replaces clean hair and aesthetics with XXL T-shirts, sweatpants, and dry shampoo.

This Fashionista is here to inspire us all. I spotted her on campus sans parka on what has become a much less rare sunny day in South Bend, Indiana. Despite the fact she had just taken a brutal strategic marketing exam and her next test was less than 24 hours away, she had a pep in her step. The walk from DeBart to the dining hall might as well have been her runway.

She told me she wore a lot of colors to stay happy—and she’s kept us all happy. Her simple black turtleneck and jeans are the perfect canvas to highlight her one-of-a-kind cardigan. A hodgepodge of multi-colored circular pellets, this look takes on a neutral-loving fashion world and smacks it in the face. It’s not only motivation to slip out of our well-worn cotton leggings come midterms week but to tackle our tests just as head-on as this Fashionista tackles her style.

She is head-to-toe unique, her feet adorned with a pair of extremely cool booties embellished with an exotic golden framed heel. Her similarly golden jewelry ties the whole look together, making it clear that this Fashionista may not have spent the same amount time studying as she did accessorizing—but almost.

Who’s to say which helped her ace midterms more?