STYLE ADVICE: Be Your Own Label

February 2nd, 2017 at 2:10am
STYLE ADVICE: Be Your Own Label

I was so thrilled to run into this Fashionista on the streets the other day. I stopped her and told her how I was in love with her outfit; the way she layered all of her pieces was just amazing. She told me that I made her day because she was feeling a little bit insecure about her ensemble and was not quite sure if she could rock it. That got me thinking about how people are constantly asking questions like “Can I pull this off?” or “Does this look good on me?” when in reality you can pull off anything you want to. As long as you hold your head high and walk with confidence you can rock anything you set your mind to.

This Fashionista layered a lace bralette underneath a deep lace-up long sleeve shirt. On top of that she layered a white faux fur jacket that really added a statement to her look. With that she paired a pair of black ripped jeans and plain black booties that really went well with her aesthetic.

For accessories, she wore an olive green floppy hat that she admitted once belonged to her uncle. Love that! She layered two chokers and a simple crystal necklace. She also carried a plain black Kate Spade crossbody bag, which was perfect for her look even though it was so plain; any other bag might have been too much for her outfit. For the final touch, she propped a pair of trendy sunglasses on top of her hat to spice it up a bit despite the unfortunate lack of sun that day.

This Fashionista really blew me away! Every aspect of her outfit flowed perfectly and complemented each other so nicely. Never be afraid to step a little bit outside of your comfort zone and add that extra necklace, or that statement faux fur jacket. Don’t feel as though you always have to go with the trends. Be your own label!