STYLE ADVICE: All Bundled Up

STYLE ADVICE: All Bundled Up

Let’s get real, it can be super difficult to dress for the warmth in the middle of winter while also maintaining a sense of style and comfort. Let me paint a picture for you for just a second: You’ve been up past midnight on a Wednesday studying for a statistics test, and you have a 7:30 a.m. Spanish class the next morning that you’re totally dreading. We’ve all been there.

It’s snowing and below freezing outside and you just do not feel like spending time on your outfit. I get it, I definitely do. You just want to roll out of bed, throw on an old sweatshirt, leggings, and your giant puffy coat and head to class. I have had my fair share of days where getting up and getting dressed in a reasonable fashion was just not an option. Fear not, though—those days are long gone, because there is an easy way to stay bundled up and warm, while remaining comfy and cute.

This Fashionista displayed this perfectly. She chose to pair a cozy turtleneck sweater dress with a fuzzy black cardigan on top to seal in the warmth. Over that, she paired it with a neutral colored trench coat for added layering, and wore some wool tights underneath so her legs wouldn’t be freezing while walking to class. With some comfortable and stylish black booties, she was ready for the day without spending too much time deciding on what to wear. Throw on a purse, some hoop earrings, and you’re all set for class. Hey, you may even have some time to stop by your local café and grab a coffee before that 7:30 a.m. class!

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