STYLE ADVICE: Accomplish the Cool Girl Aesthetic

Spring is here, finals are a daunting mass of our futures, and we’re all still trying to manage to look fabulous while juggling the impossible life of a college student. We all want that cool girl, effortless, chic look, but as for myself, I have yet to master the ways of such a facade.

This Fashionista, on the other hand, has pulled off the look we all wish to succeed in one day. Yes, she looks like the cool girl we all want to be BFFs with. And yes, it has that air of effortlessness that she just pulled together a stellar outfit before running out the door. Let’s face it, she’s the girl we want to be. And our key may be in the simplicity of it. This basic T-shirt dress opens the show. It’s a great piece and has even more potential. With this silky, floral bomber, this Fashionista’s outfit game is taken to a whole new level. Her outfit suddenly goes from cute and stylish to in vogue with the latest trends and maybe a little edge. Her accessories bring the entire outfit together. Her sunglasses bring a hippie vibe, while her black tusk necklace gives off an air of danger, and her boots are just aching to be shown off.

While you rummage through our closets trying to mimic this Fashionista’s fab style, begin with your basics. They are your best friends, and are the building blocks to any outfit. Then stray over to your one-of-a-kind pieces, the kind that you can only wear once every three weeks, and even then it might be pushing it. Those are your finishing touches to make your outfit scream your personality. Build it up, layer them on, and watch perfection appear before your eyes.

Push your accessories until you feel your look is completed, then scamper out the door with coffee in hand to make it to class on time. Even while sprinting down the street, heels clicking on the concrete, you’ll feel like a practical runway model.