STYLE ADVICE: A Fresh Spring Look

STYLE ADVICE: A Fresh Spring Look

Spring is here, and I know you all miss that one hour of sleep that we won’t get back for a while. No need to be sad, though, because this Fashionista’s look shows that spring is the season for fresh and chic styles.

As I have told you, Mississippi’s weather is all over the place, and you never how to dress for the day until that day comes. It is important to have many options when it comes to outfits when living here. Spring is a favorite season of mine because it’s not too hot, but it is warm enough to show some skin. Whether you choose to wear a flowy, floral dress with Converse or a strapless jumpsuit with sandals, either look is spring savvy.

This Fashionista’s look is simple, but the colors she mixed and matched made this outfit ready for spring.  In this look, she is wearing an orange floral romper that she paired with a blue jean jacket, just in case the nighttime is a bit on the cooler side. Her shoes were my favorite part of the outfit because olive green is a color that can be worn any season. These strapped, olive green sandals give the outfit a different look than if she would have worn tan or nude sandals. As for the accessories, she kept it chic with a nude, patched crossbody and a rose gold, digital watch.

This look is also very versatile. She could easily toss the blue jean jacket if it is a warmer day. The colors she put together match her skin tone perfectly and the spring season as well.