STYLE ADVICE: 1820s to 2017

STYLE ADVICE: 1820s to 2017
While I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, I have always been inspired by New York City. The energy, the possibilities, and (most importantly) the fashion! As I was exploring New York City earlier this month, I saw a cool Fashionista whose outfit totally inspired me.
One recent trend I have been loving is corsets! Corsets were extremely popular during the Victorian era. Corsets were worn under a woman’s dress to change the appearance of her body and cinch her waist. Recently, corsets have risen to popularity again, but in an entirely different fashion. This Fashionista owned the new corset trend and wore the corset over her white sweater. I think this Fashionista looks totally fierce and completely owns the look!
Another aspect of this Fashionista’s outfit that is totally inspired is her choker. The gold choker adds a nice touch of jewelry that perfectly complements her bangle bracelets and completes the outfit. The subtleness of the jewelry leaves the main focus of the outfit on the corset.
The Fashionista’s ripped jeans and maroon Converse really add an edge to the outfit. The modern ripped jeans and high-top Converse perfectly contrast with the vintage corset.
The Fashionista’s cat-eye sunglasses also give this outfit a vintage touch. The sunglasses remind me of Audrey Hepburn’s signature shades. Finally, the Fashionista’s burgundy lip shade completes an inspired look!
New York City never fails to leave me inspired and meeting this Fashionista on this trip inspired me to buy a corset of my own! Stay inspired this month!