How to Style 5 Big Trends this Summer

How to Style 5 Big Trends this Summer

Following the new trends, each season is always exciting, trends that had me particularly excited to style this summer include step-hem jeans, dainty chokers, mules, open-knit sweaters, and bralettes.

All about the trends

One of my ultimate favorite trends this season are step-hem jeans because it is a twist on classic denim. These jeans can be styled in numerous ways and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. This trend is also great because it can be a simple DIY on an old pair of jeans to save your wallet! In the look I styled, I am wearing an old pair of black jeans that I cut and frayed myself.

Chokers have been on the rise along with the revival of ’90s fashion. In particular, I have been enjoying daintier metal chokers—they are a great accent to any outfit that needs a bit more accessorizing. My look featured a small gold choker with a circle detailing in the center.

I styled my look with tan mules, which has been another one of my favorite trends this summer. Mules have been a favorite of mine because they are so easy to style with any summer outfit such as dresses, skirts, or frayed jeans! These shoes are great because they come in many different varieties, like with or without heels, meaning they can be styled for both casual and fancier occasions.

The next two pieces go together perfectly: open-knit sweaters and bralettes. This style can be very chic if worn properly. I styled these two items with a black open-knit sweater with a mesh, applique, nude and black bralette.

In addition to these trends, I decided to add a black fringe backpack with gold hardware because I feel like stylish backpacks are essential to summer fashion! Also paired with the outfit was a pair of gold round sunglasses to finish off the look.

What is your favorite trend this season? Let us know in the comment below!