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STUDY GUIDE: How To Ace Your Midterm Style

October 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

For most of you, it’s midterm week. This means an exorbitant amount of caffeine, vending machine snacks for dinner and the idea that you can print your paper right before class starts. (Believe me, you can’t because everyone else thought so, too.) But in the midst of sleep deprived students racing from the library to class and back to the library, there is not much time to consider your outfit for the day. Since you can’t go to class in your birthday suit or pajamas (well, you can, but we strongly discourage it), you’ve got to put something together.

So Fashionista/os, throw that shirt covered with bagel crumbs and Cheez-Its in the laundry basket—and leave it there. Dressing for midterms can be something you are guaranteed to ace.

So let’s go over how to look like you got more than two hours of sleep during midterms.

Option 1: Absolute Comfort. Comfort reigns supreme, so leggings are a solid option. You’re probably thinking “leggings aren’t pants!” Oh, but they can be—during midterms, that is. Granted they aren’t too baggy or see-through, they will be sufficient for your hours in the library finishing up that paper or group project. After all, you can nap in them and sit criss-cross while studying. What more could you need?

Miller 1

Formula: Leggings + Normally fitting T-shirt + Leather jacket + Slip-ons = Success.

Option 2: Three-Piece. This one is literally as easy as “1, 2, 3.” Since your brain will be occupied with statistics formulas, the history of theater in Greece or international business models, this gives you slightly less to think about. If you pick the right pieces though, you’ll look like you don’t have mid-terms to worry about at all.

powell 1

Formula: Crank up A$AP Rocky on Spotify x (A clean oversized button-down + Not-too-skinny skinny jeans) + Fly sneakers = The coolest test taking look ever.

Option 3: Calculated-Chic. We all know that school buildings tend to be a a few degrees lower than the warm embrace of our beds, but that’s why preparation is key. And by preparation I mean soup to-go and layers. When you’re in need of a library-chic look, do not forget a jacket and a large tote bag for storing snacks (oh, and your study materials).

Bryan 1Formula: Comfy jacket + roomy tote bag + (clean shirt x jeans) = Group study session ready.

Option 4: Presentation Ready. If you’re midterms week is more presentation-based and less about cramming for an exam, then you’ve got to look like you kind of know what you’re doing. Confidence is key when it comes to speaking in front of a fully clothed group of people (because the whole imagining them in underwear thing is actually just a bit weird). So make sure your hair is brushed, and swipe on some lipstick for good luck.


Formula: Shoes that make you feel smart x (pleated skirt or dress) + cozy sweater = Solid presentation game.

Option 5: The Chambray Way. A chambray button-down can really do no wrongs. Even when paired with itself, it looks RAD. So do yourself a favor and when in doubt, pull the chambray out (that rhyme was 100 percent intentional). Let your chambray build the outfit for you; if you start signing a sweet tune, little birds and mice might come out to help you get dressed, too (this might also occur if you are delusional from a lack of sleep and too much caffeine).

Thoma 1Formula: Chambray = the limit does not exist.