June 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

This look is inspired by Isabel Marant’s ready-to-wear collection for the spring/summer of 2016. Her tribal motif, which infuses folk art, ethnic styles and earthy undertones, is a coveted ensemble for any fashionista battling the heat. Marant designs shapes in colors of dark reds and orange, and weaves them into cloth bases of black, white and nude. There’s no denying that these tribal patterns are an ongoing, closet essential for Style Gurus everywhere.

Now, high-waisted printed shorts are a must have for me! They make for an easy way to keep cool in the summer, while maintaining a chic and trendy look. They’re universal and can fit almost any occasion: a weekend date, a girl’s night out or a simple, yet stylish, stroll in the park. These shorts emulate the same spectrum of darks reds and orange in Marant’s collection, but instead of mimicking the overall mineral based color scheme, I chose to brighten this look with one of my favorite pieces; a bold, neon oxford blouse.

I will admit that I am often guilty of sticking to the standard black, white and beige attire; what Fashionista doesn’t love an all-black outfit? However, I just love the fresh-vibes I got from meshing these two pieces together. I mean, a vibrant and fun style can never hurt on a hot day. And since I was feeling stylistically daring, I added my Eva Clutch from Louis Vuitton; a checkered, urban pattern used in my attempt to harmonize designs of the past with the present. To top it off, I added my favorite lace-up gladiator sandals. They are minimal and nude, which is perfect because they don’t take away from my bright blouse and overlapping patterns.

Get My Look: 1. Blouse. 2. Shorts. 3. Sandals. 4. Clutch (any bold print).