STLYE GURU BIO: Thaly Zollinger

Hello, Fashionistas! I am from Los Angeles, California, and have gotten most of my inspiration from living here and observing all the Fashionistas who walk around L.A.! I am so excited to be a Style Guru, and I hope that I will inspire you guys to try new styles and always be confident in what you wear!

Fashion, to me, is all about exploring and finding cool outfits that make you feel confident. I tend to wear many different styles depending on my mood, the occasion or just what has been inspiring me lately. Constantly changing things up is what makes fashion so much fun! I love going to thrift stores and flea markets to find vintage gems and hip apparel for cheap. Also, the people you see there have great taste and you can get some fashion ideas just from looking around at the shoppers! Recently, I got an amazing Levi Brand Jeans denim jacket with fur inside, a metal belt and a pair of boyfriend jeans from the Melrose Trading Post. Usually, my favorite clothing items or accessories are from flea markets or thrift stores that I go to when traveling or hanging around in a new city.

I am also seriously addicted to Urban Outfitters and can always be found shopping there, even if it just means looking around. My main source of inspiration is Pinterest! I am absolutely obsessed with pinning cute outfits and looking through my board later on to spark some inspiration. It also has introduced to me to a number of online shops that I would’ve never heard of before!

I think one of my fashion idols is Vanessa Hudgens; she is a bohemian princess! Not only is she adorable, but her outfits are always really unique and have a hippie vibe to them. I also can’t help but love Gigi Hadid. I feel like she really stuns the crowd at events. Whether she is perfecting the business casual look or going to an after party, she always looks very well put together.

I am so excited to be a Style Guru, and I hope that I will inspire you guys to try new styles!