There has always been so much love for black and white outfits, the classic elegant dark tones and the clean and tidy light colors seem to match anything in your wardrobe, but what happens with gray? I can’t even start to explain how obsessed I am with anything that has to do with black, but gray has definitely been catching my eye lately, and apparently that of high street designers and “It” fashion icons. What I find most fascinating about this limbo hanging color is that it has the best of both worlds, it is light enough to wear during sunny skies, but also has that chic, black-like elegance that when paired with the right accessories, gives you those million-dollar baby feels.

This Fashionista’s outfit is the perfect opportunity to explain why this color works so well. Keeping in mind that it is the middle of the summer and that she is wearing a gray, knit dress, she keeps it as fresh as can be. It’s the kind of outfit which you can literally just throw on and add minimal accessories to finish the look. In this specific occasion, she decided to tie the classic jean jacket around her waist, which can serve two purposes. The first one which is in case it gets chilly, or for those A.C. enthusiasts, and the second one to add a preppy, fashion-forward vibe. She also opted for a black choker, which goes quite nicely with her short, dark hair. Finally, she added the white sandals and round eyeglasses to play around with the colors and shapes. Let’s not forget about the gorgeous low cut back (my favorite), which is perfect for the warm weather. However, don’t let yourself be fooled by the summery look of this outfit, which can easily be turned into a winter option, simply by adding a turtle neck sweater under, and pairing it up with tights and boots.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Gray is a color that fits everyone and every season. It can easily add maturity and boldness at the same time. I believe that it should hold a very special place beside the black and white category.”